Energy Star

The National Association of Home Builders’ $2.8 million 2015 “New American Home”, pictured above, is an over the top, state of the art, energy efficient, factory for homeowners who aspire to make thier homes as green as possible.  Many of the festures in this designer home can easily be adapted into your space.

1. Cool and durable LED Bulbs use at least 75 percent less energy an incandescent bulbs according to

2. Touchless toilets include huge water saving technology

3.  Insulating Spray Foam material on the exterior walls, on the undersideof the roof and in the framing prevents air leakage.

4.  Solar panels can generate power right on the property

5.  Turn off the lights, lower the thermostat and your shades remotly from your smartphone.  Iris Smart Kit $299.00 lowes

6.  Landscaping tailored to your local climate saves water – and work!

7.  An indoor ultraviolet light air trreatment system imporves air quality. Thry the Honeywell system $384.00

8.  Intelligent outdoor irrigation systems tailored to your local climatecan time lawn and landscape watering.

9.  An electric car chargig station encourages a green lifestyle beyond the home.

While thw 2015 New American Home was built to Emerald LEED standards- the highest green home rating possible-existing homes can be retrofitted to acheive a LEED certification as well.  Learn more about the process at  For more information about the New American Home visit

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