Review: Smartly All Purpose Cleaner

While recently shopping at Target, I noticed a display by the entrance of their store containing a new line of cleaning supplies.  Being the clean geek that I am, I was instantly curious.

The brand is called Smartly and I had never seen them before.  What I did notice off hand was the price.  The all purpose cleaner was priced at $1.89 and came in a 32oz bottle.   They also had a dish washing liquid on display that was priced at 89 cents.  I was intrigued by the budget friendly prices and decided to pick up a few bottles for use on the field.

I was pleasantly surprised with the cleaning power of the all purpose cleaner.  I used it in several homes and on several different surfaces and it was able to remove most stains and leave a shine.  What I was most impressed with was its ability to clean glass and mirrors.  I almost feel like this should be labeled as a glass cleaner because I was able to clean shower glass doors, mirrors and windows throughout houses and apartments without a smear or smudge.

The cleaner comes in three different scents.  Ocean Mist, Citrus, and Meadow.  To be honest, all three scents are less than desirable so if fragrance is important than this line of products is not for you.

If you have a daily or weekly cleaning routine and keep up on your household chores then this product is definitely for you.  It’s cheaper than most cleaning products and can be used in multiple areas of your home.  However, if your home is severely neglected  or with extreme grease stains then you would have to add some type of powder cleanser or dish soap to help this product get your home clean.

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